Presale Preparation For Your Car

Are you planning to sell your old car? Are you hoping to maximize your sale price upgrade your next car? Then it might be worth considering preparing your car for sale.

When done properly, presale preparation can easily add thousands of dollars to your overall sale price. Think about it, car dealers know how to maximize their profits for a used car and a freshly detailed interior, perfect black tyres, and a glossy paint surface can make all the difference to hide and flaws and imperfections of a used car. If car dealers are doing it, then private sellers should cash in too.

It might sound simple and obvious, but it’s incredible how many people can’t be bothered making sure their car is clean and shiny, inside and out. Doing this yourself can be extremely time consuming and without the correct buffing equipment, it can be difficult to achieve the same mirror finish and shine that buyers want and will pay extra for.

Being an expert service provider for the presale preparation for your car, we will help you to increase your cars value and overall resale profits. At Dan The Touch Up Man, we offer excellent quality and reliable presale preparation for your car, returning it to you in ideal presale condition. Our extensive range of services allow us to do wonders with any car.

Presale Preparation

We take careful consideration and attention to detail to find all possible ways to improve the value of your car. Including but not limited to detailing, cut and polishing, repair of scuffs and scratches, alloy damages and minor dents and we will fix all these areas to make your car look its “presale” best.

Presale Preparation Melbourne
Presale Preparation Box Hill

We can also offer to sell your car on consignment. Ask us how we can help you by calling 0403 041 332.