Paint Protection

Don’t you love the look of your car after a decent clean and polish? What if you could make that shine last, whilst also reducing the need to clean the car’s exterior and protect the paints surface from future damage?

Dan the Touch Up Man is amongst the experts in the art of car detailing and polishing. We offer a paint protection procedure that not only involves applying wax for filling scratches but also includes the careful removal of contaminants, polishing to level the surface and applying long-term protection. Our service will correct paint defects and offers a superior quality coating.

Paint protections shields your car from everyday harmful elements such as the sun’s harsh UV rays and weather, but it can also prevent damages and paint erosion due to bird or bat droppings, dirt, air pollution and bug debris hitting your paint at highway speeds, which all create scratches that make your car look dull. Our treatment is a nano technology system that cleans paint, repairs scratches, and offers a protective coating. It reduces fading and oxidation of paint and removes scratches giving depth to the color and helps to enhance the car’s overall appearance.

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