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Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel RepairAt Dan The Touch Up Man we are experts when it comes to alloy wheel repairs and re-painting. Fixing an alloy wheel requires an understanding of the materials, metals and the surfaces of the wheel. The following are services we offer when it comes to alloy wheel repair:

  • Removal of tyres for an ultimate repair and respray (removing tyres will ensure total paint coverage)
  • Colour matched wheels for that custom look (matching wheel colour to the colour of your car)
  • With our colour base system we can spray your wheels in any colour imaginable. The only limit is your imagination, as we also can create pearl and metallic finishes
  • Wheel repairs, including: gutter rash, scrapes and dents
  • High gloss or satin/flat clear coat finishes also available

So for any gutter damage, bent shape or if your alloy wheels look sad and need re-painting, look no further then Dan The Touch Up Man. Call us on 0403 041 332 for more information

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